Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ Carbon ShaftsItem Number: 67331X
$82.50 $82.50
Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ Carbon Shafts

Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ Carbon Shafts

Item Number: 67331X
$82.50 $82.50

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If you want the ideal carbon arrow shaft for combined target archery and bowhunting, then you'll be amazed at the innovation and performance of the Maxima BLU RZ shafts by Carbon Express.

These carbon shafts are made with a proprietary Diamond Weave material that stiffens the front and back ends of the arrow. This optimizes the "Red Zone" technology to control the arrow's flexing as it is shot through the bow, also known as Dynamic Spine. By conserving energy from a reduced flexing, you can better manage the flight of a broadhead, providing more consistency when switching to field points.

A must-have carbon arrow shaft for target archers and bowhunters. Each set of carbon shafts are matched to remarkably close tolerances to include a straightness of ±0.001, spine sorting tolerance of ±0.001" and weight matched to ±1.0 grains. Sold by the six pack and dozen. Inserts included, but not installed.

  • Dynamic Spine Control - High-Tech Diamond Weave carbon material construction that manages Dynamic Spine in a revolutionary way by isolating oscillation to the middle of the shaft and delivering precision accuracy.
  • RED ZONE - The center section of the Maxima BLU RZ is what manages the arrow's flex during flight; technically referred to as Dynamic Spine. The RED ZONE is specifically designed and tested to be the ideal length, position and stiffness to contain Dynamic spine by reducing overall oscillation on the front end, allowing for greater overall consistency and tighter groups.
  • Matched Set - All Maxima BLU RZ 6 pack sets are sorted and matched by weight and spine for best in class consistency. Spine selection sorting tolerance is ±0.001" and weight sorted to a tolerance of ±1.0 grains.
  • Real Straightness - Every Maxima BLU RZ is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. The Maxima BLU RZ is checked to a straightness of ±0.001" as a maximum measurement, not an average.
  • Launchpad Precision Nocks - LaunchPad Precision Nocks come standard on all Maxima BLU RZ shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment, and more consistent accuracy shot after shot.
  • Nock Collar - Carbon Express proprietary BullDog Nock Collar comes standard on all Maxima BLU RZ shafts to protect the shaft against nock-end impacts.

Maxima BLU RZ Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine ID OD Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point
150 (.502") .244" .286" 9/32" 6.59 31 ½" 11gr Launchpad™ L BullDog
250 (.413") .244" .291" 9/32" 7.45 31 ½" 11gr Launchpad™ B BullDog
350 (.346") .244" .296" 9/32" 8.45 31 ½" 11gr Launchpad™ C BullDog
Straightness      ±.001"        Weight    ±1gr

Services Available
Standard Fletch:  Our experienced fletchers will 3-fletch your Maxima BLU RZ carbon shafting with 5" shield left wing TrueFlight feathers. The cock feather will be traditional barred and the 2 hen feathers will be your choice of white, yellow, red, or fluorescent lime (same color for all arrows). Hen feather color can be requested and will be fletched on a CLEAR cap wrap. No substitutions. Allow 4-7 additional business days for your order to be processed.

Cut Shafts to Length:  Have your carbon arrows cut to length. The length is measured from the valley of the nock to the back of the point. Minimum length is 27 ½".

Install Point Inserts:  Choose this option to have our experts install your point inserts in your shafts. Please Note: If you select this service without selecting the "Cut to Length" service, your shafts will be cut to the stock length (as specified in the chart above). Please Note: We use epoxy style adhesives on all inserts and most points. Once they are installed, they are permanent.

If you prefer to customize your shaft with additional options, please use our Arrow Builder

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