Carbon Express Archery Golf KitItem Number: 6977X
$47.99 $44.99
Carbon Express Archery Golf Kit

Carbon Express Archery Golf Kit

Item Number: 6977X
$47.99 $44.99

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Jump into this incredibly fun sport! Hours of fun for the whole family.

Get the Golf Kit (with or without bow) for starting the fun right away! Includes foldable scoring net, ground stakes, and score cards.

The Universal Bow features an integrated arrow rest, can be shot right and left handed, and is adjustable for 18-29#. Everyone in the family can shoot with the same bow. Installed with finger savers, and easy to setup. Assembly required.

The Golf Arrow features a fiberglass shaft with a securely mounted hard rubber 'golf ball' on the end. Fletched with three flu flu cut 3" feathers for stability. Measures 29½" to back of the ball, weighs approx 1,200 grains, and not for bows more than 29#. Use only with designated targets, not to be shot at people/animals.

Unfolded net is approximately 21" diameter. Folded net is approximately 13" diameter.

Archery Golf Universal Bow ONLY

Archery Golf Arrow ONLY (each)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm