Cajun 4-Barb Stinger Bowfishing ArrowItem Number: 30222
$23.50 $23.50
Cajun 4-Barb Stinger Bowfishing Arrow

Cajun 4-Barb Stinger Bowfishing Arrow

Item Number: 30222
$23.50 $23.50

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You let loose the arrow, hear the line unspool, and watch the fish leap out of the water! There's nothing like the thrill of bowfishing! And there's nothing like the confidence of shooting a Cajun Bowfishing arrow!

Made of durable red fiberglass, this shaft is meant to last. It flies straight and true, and is tough enough to survive the rigors of life on the water.

The shaft is topped with a 4-barb Stinger Point. This brutal point is designed to penetrate fish flesh, and hold tight. Allows for quick removal, so you can get back to bowfishing. Features a replaceable tip.

Comes with a Cajun safety slide and glue-on nock installed. Measures approximately 31" from valley of nock to back of point and weighs roughly 1,800 grains.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm