Brownell Wax PadsItem Number: 5149
$10.99 $10.99
Made in the US
Brownell Wax Pads

Brownell Wax Pads

Item Number: 5149
$10.99 $10.99
Made in the US

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No more waxing your bow string with a leather pad, Brownell's Wax Pads allow you to clean, lubricate, and protect your bow string without the risk of damage to the fibers.

Brownell's 100% natural Wax Pads can be used with any bowstring material and are quick and easy to use. As they are formulated to penetrate your bowstring fibers, these wax pads will get the wax on and get the grime off. Six per pack.

  • Great for the traveling bowhunter
  • Lubricates and cleans string fibers
  • Protects against the elements
  • Specially formulated to penetrate fibers
  • Works with all bowstring materials
  • Each pad is approximately 1 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm