Bigfoot Solar Charger Item Number: 24681-02
$69.99 $69.99
Bigfoot Solar Charger

Bigfoot Solar Charger

Item Number: 24681-02
$69.99 $69.99

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Your Bigfoot 3G Wireless Game Camera is awesome! What would make it even more awesome is extended battery life!

With the Bigfoot Solar Charger, you'll add a sustainable source of power to your cellular trail camera. In conjunction with the 12 standard AA lithium batteries you're already using (not included), you'll get up to a year's worth of battery life while using the solar charger.

Simply charge the Solar Panel for 8 hours using the included AC power adapter. After this initial charge, the solar panel will use sunlight to work with your lithium batteries to power your game camera. The Bigfoot Solar Charger is compatible with all Bigfoot cameras.

It's a great way to ensure uninterrupted surveillance of your favorite hunting spot. Extend your battery life, save money, and protect the environment.

Compact and lightweight at approximately 5-½" wide x 6" high x 1-1/8" thick, and 12 ounces. Includes solar charger, mounting hardware, and AC power adapter.

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