Barebow! Limited Edition BookItem Number: 7936
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Barebow inch Limited Edition Book

Barebow! Limited Edition Book

Item Number: 7936
$149.99 $149.99
Made in the US Overweight product, additional charges may apply

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    Special Limited Edition Features:
  • Cowhide leather spine
  • Gilt-edged pages
  • Slipcase box
  • Velum Signature Page, signed personally by the author, artists, and the publisher
  • Limited Edition print run of 750 copies
BAREBOW! is a personal account of Dunn's 40-year odyssey to harvest all 29 huntable species of big game in North America, ranging from Whitetail Deer to Tule Elk to Grizzly Bear. In hushed tones of awe, patience and appreciation, Dunn takes his readers into the wild and woolly wilderness areas of North America. Remarkably, Dunn's odyssey began as an unmentored boy's interest in archery. His dream of joining North America's elite bowhunting fraternity of those who have taken North America's Super Slam would come much later. In BAREBOW!, outdoor writer Dennis Dunn teams up with two renowned wildlife artists, Hayden and Dallen Lambson, to produce an eye-catching and stirring account of North American wildlife, their habits and habitats, and the enduring connection made by one man in tracking, hunting and harvesting the North American Super Slam with a bow and arrow.

Breathtaking in its illustrations and spellbinding in its storytelling, BAREBOW! is the must-have addition to every hunter's den, great room, or bedside table.

(Excerpt from Chapter 9- The Changing of the Guard)
First, however, it seemed that the changing of the guard needed to take place. Over the next two hours, his six brethren --- one by one --- from distances as far away as 500 yards, all came back to pay their respects and bid their old leader a final goodbye. Absolutely spellbound, I watched as each ram, in turn, arrived at his side and then proceeded to nuzzle him, nose-to-nose! It seemed clear that every one of the six understood that he would not be with them much longer. At the conclusion of each, individual adieu, the deliverer turned away and fed off into the setting sun. The last of his colleagues to come and pay tribute (with the same nose-to-nose nuzzle) was the second-largest ram in the group. No doubt, he would become --- by natural selection of his peers --- their new leader. When this last one finally turned to go, my ram tried to regain his feet and follow. The monumental effort was for naught. No sooner had he managed to stand . . . . . than he died on his feet --- collapsing back into the bed he had struggled so valiantly to leave. The Ceremony of the Fraternal Farewell was complete. And so was the changing of the guard.

Now that I think of it, there were --- in fact --- two changings of the guard. The first one (a new sentry) had made possible the second one (a new leader). Indeed, without the first, the second (most likely) could never have taken place. What an odd bit of irony!

As the reader can well imagine, many emotions had coursed through me while I watched this powerful drama. In the world of Ovis dalli, there was apparently a much more highly-structured social order and protocol than I would have ever believed. I felt in awe of being allowed to observe such a moving piece of dramatic theater: a common thing, no doubt, in the private Playhouse of Mother Nature --- but seldom granted an audience for human eyes to see. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the Almighty, Who had spared my life the night before, yet allowed me --- as a natural predator in the food chain --- to take the life of such a magnificent animal less than 24 hours later.

"What Dennis has compiled in this book is a major literary achievement in outdoor literature. BAREBOW! is the epitome of that often used cliche "coffee table book": it weighs in at a hefty nine pounds, with over 500 glossy pages, and measures 15.5" by 10.3". You NEED a coffee table to hold this tome as you read it! And what a read it is!"
T. J. Conrads,
TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTER Magazine Founder/Publisher
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm