Badlands H2O BladderItem Number: 9304X
$34.99 $30.99
Badlands H2O Bladder

Badlands H2O Bladder

Item Number: 9304X
$34.99 $30.99

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Hunting can be thirsty work. But regular canteens and water bottles can be clunky and noisy. Fortunately Badlands comes through again with an easy and elegant solution. The Badlands Hydration Kit is a hands-free drinking bladder, allowing you to carry water with you anywhere.

Simply fill the bladder and insert it into your Badlands Pack. You can then drink from the tube whenever you get thirsty. No noise, no fuss, and no thirst!

  • 2 Liter size for use with the 2200 Pack, Badlands Superday pack,
  • 3 Liter size for use with Reactor day pack, Pursuit pack, Sacrifice LS pack, Sprint Pack