Archer's Shot Saver Item Number: 7991X
$25.99 $25.99
Made in the US
Archer's Shot Saver

Archer's Shot Saver

Item Number: 7991X
$25.99 $25.99
Made in the US

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Practice makes perfect. And the Archer's Shot Saver is the perfect way to practice!

This ingenious device lets you keep in shape by exercising the same muscles you use when you draw your bow. Take it with you everywhere. Great to keep at home, the office, or in your vehicle.

Made in the USA from quality latex tubing with solid aluminum inserts on each end. It's built to last, and feels just like a bow in your hand.

Stay active and in-shape even in the off seasons!

See the videos above for the Shot Saver Demo, as well as information on custom setup, and product maintenance.

Available in three models: Green (32#), Red (27#), and Black (22#). Please specify.

Archer's Shot Saver recommended pull weights
Model Actual Bow Pull Weight
Green - 32# @ 29" 50# and over
Red - 27# @ 28" Under 50# but more than 35#
Black - 22# @ 26" Under 35#