Animal Vitals Master TargetsItem Number: MTX
$7.99 $7.99
Made in the US
Animal Vitals Master Targets

Animal Vitals Master Targets

Item Number: MTX
$7.99 $7.99
Made in the US

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Tougher than paper, more versatile than 3-D! MasterTargets unique printing and coating process and its patented DuraShot material yield life-like images that are great indoors yet rugged enough to be left in outdoor settings. These tear resistant, waterproof, and UV resistant target faces are the perfect economical solution to customize your target to get ready for the next hunting season.

Available in 9 different target faces:
  • Strutting Turkey (w/ vitals) 22" X 25"
  • Whitetail (w/ vitals) 22" X 28"
  • Elk (w/ vitals) 22" X 28"
  • Black Bear (w/ vitals) 22" X 28"
  • Feral Hog (w/ vitals) 22" X 28"
  • Mule Deer (w/ vitals) 22" X 28"
  • Red Fox (no vitals) 22" X 25"
  • Groundhogs (no vitals) 22" X 25"
  • Coyote (w/ vitals) 22" X 28"
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