Adult Recurve Bow Kit Item Number: 2495
$229.99 $229.99
Adult Recurve Bow Kit

Adult Recurve Bow Kit

Item Number: 2495
$229.99 $229.99


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If you are a beginning archer, or an archer looking for an upgrade from your old youth bow, the Adult Recurve Bow Kit is the perfect option. You get the bow and shooting gear you need in one kit.

The Adult Recurve Bow Kit features the popular 62" Cairn takedown recurve bow, leather armguard, your choice of shooting glove or tab, your choice of back quiver or hip quiver, and bow stringer. The Cairn comes with an elevated arrow rest (not installed), although you can choose a different arrow rest if you like, as well as your bow string. You also have the option to buy arrows and a bow case. See drop downs for pricing differences.

ARROW REST OPTIONS - (comes with an arrow rest installed)


  • Takedown Recurve Bow String - A Dacron Endless loop bow string. 
  • Recurve 58" Rogue Spectra Flemish bow string - A high performance bow string to allow you to get the full performance from your recurve. Recommended by 3Rivers Archery. 


  • 3Rivers Dura Glove- Rugged Cordura® tips wear like iron. Super slick string releases.
  • Damascus Glove- Thinner leather for a better "feel" of the bow string.
  • Berlin Style Shooting Glove - The reinforced deerskin tips allow for the perfect feel of the string while providing plenty of protection for long periods of shooting.
  • Wyandotte Calf Hair Tab- Slick hair facing, rubber middle, and leather liner. Features no-pinch finger separator.


  • Perfect Fit Leather Armguard- Smaller size to make it great for ladies and kids 12 and up, yet with the same amount of protection as our other single layer leather armguards.
  • Wyandotte Leather Armguard- Made of a thinner leather to be soft and flexible to conform to many different arm sizes and shapes.


  • Ranger Back Quiver- Holds 12 arrows, 19" deep. Cool and lightweight. NO broadheads.
  • Range Rover Hip Quiver Deluxe- Six arrow sleeves and 6 accessory pockets, one that zips closed. Space for a pencil, score card, extra string, and anything else you need on the range. Includes D-ring for attaching accessory items such as an arrow puller. A belt is required. Cool and lightweight. NO broadheads.
  • Safari Tuff Hip Quiver- Holds up to 6 arrows, at approximately 19½" deep. It's made Safari Tuff with a 600 x 300 denier polyester shell. Long-lasting, immune to rain and cold weather. Great for adults and kids.


  • A 6-pack of Fleetwood black carbon arrows. These pre-fletched arrows are ready to shoot right from the box. Cut with inserts and 100 grain points installed. Fletching colors vary. They 340, 400, and 500 are 5" shield cut, and the 600, 700, and 800 are 3" shield cut feathers. The lengths vary from spine to spine (see dropdown for information). Measurement is from the valley of the nock to the back of the head approximately.


  • Available in right handed (RH) or left handed (LH) -  choose by the hand you pull the string with
  • Available in 25#, 29#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, and 55# (rated at a 28" draw length
  • Carbon Arrows
  • Choose from glove or tab in small, medium, large, or xlarge
  • Comes standard with bow stringer