AccuSharp Broadhead Sharpener and WrenchItem Number: 53010
$15.99 $15.99
Made in the US
AccuSharp Broadhead  Sharpener and Wrench

AccuSharp Broadhead Sharpener and Wrench

Item Number: 53010
$15.99 $15.99
Made in the US

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To be a successful bowhunter your aim must be true, and your arrows must be fatal. So before you head out to the woods, add an extra deadly touch to your broadheads with the AccuSharp® Broadhead Sharpener and Wrench.

The AccuSharp® Broadhead Sharpener works with 2-blade, 3-blade, and 4-blade broadheads. One side features two pre-angled diamond honed tungsten carbide blades to restore dulled blades in as little as three or four strokes. The other side has two fine ceramic honing rods to polish and finish the edge.

You can remove and replace the blades and honing rods as needed. The tool can be cleaned using warm water and soap. Clean the ceramic rods using a small brush (not included).

The body of the sharpener features three different broadhead wrenches compatible with all types of broadheads. Makes removing and installing broadheads safe and easy.

Compact and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere. Measures approximately 4-3/8" long x 1-¾" tall. Weighs approximately 1.6 ounces. Great for the hunter on the go.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm