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Video Clips from 3Rivers Archery

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Product Demos/How-To Videos


AMS Retriever
Bowfishing Reel

AMS Safety Slide

AMS Traditional
Mount Adapter

Mounting Fish Points

Finger Savers

Riser Inserts

Screw-On Reel

Tape-On Reel

Traditional Gadget Adapter


CC Sharpener

Arrow Points

Pocket Grain Scale

Using Dixon's Broadhead Aligner

Woodsman Broadheads: Mounting

Sharpening Woodsmans

2-Blade Broadheads

True Angle File Set

Woodsman Elite Broadheads

Youth Archery

Assembling Cartel Youth Bow

Assembling Mohegan Youth Bow

Assembling Polaris
Youth Bow

Bow Stringer

Finger Savers

Setting Up a Bow

Dominant Eye

Using a Back Quiver

Setting up a Youth Bow


Flemish Splice

Serving the String

Flemish String Jig




3-D Target Repair

Hidden Hunter Blind

Traditional Side Strap

Papa Strut Decoy Demo

Eichler Elk Decoy Demo

Whitetail Buck Decoy Demo

Trail Blazer Back Quiver Demo

Bow Set-Up

Cat Whiskers String Silencers

Determining Draw Length

Elevated Rest

Fur Silencers

Installing Leather Grip

Bow Stringer

Musk Ox String Silencers

Right or Left-Handed Bow

Riser Inserts

Shur-Grip Bow Grip

Woolie Whispers
String Silencers


Calf Hair Plate

Installing Nock Point

Installing Leather
Bow Grip

Installing Brush Buttons

Setting Up a Bow

Dominant Eye

Tomahawk Bows® Thunderstorm II

Tomahawk Bows® Autumn Harvest

Arrow Building

Burning Feathers

Cap Wraps

Cresting Arrows
Feather Choppers

Fletching Jigs

Fletching Tape

Great Northern Feather Grinder

Shaft Straightening

Spining the Shaft

Tapering Shafts

Weight Tubes

Using Dip Tubes

Installing Axis Inserts

Fur Tracers

Woodchuck Power Taper Tool

Shaft Straightening Tools

Tru Center Taper Tool

Woodchuck Taper Plane

Little Chopper

Arrow Whiz

Tru Center Taper Tool V2

Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunter Arrows 1

Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunter Arrows 2

Cartel Aluminum Arrow Straightener

Adding Weight to Arrows

Easton Carbon ION™ Pink Fletched Arrows

Gold Tip Lightning Youth Arrow

Bohning Dip Kit

Bohning Cresting Jig

Tim's Barrel Taper Tool

Tim's Taper Tool - Nocks and Points with a Sander

Tim's Taper Tool - Nocks and Points with a Table Saw

Atlatl Dart Assembly

Hafting Pine Resin Tutorial

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TV Commercials

3Rivers Commercial

3Rivers Revised Commercial

All About Bowfishing

All About Broadheads

Cap Wraps & Fletching

All About Longbows

Which Do You Like Best?

Woodsman Broadheads 2008
3Rivers Archery 2008

3Rivers Dalaa Commercial

Woodsman Broadheads

2012 3Rivers Archery Commercial

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Sneak Preview DVD Trailers

Africa Bowhunting Trailer

Bowfishing Bonanza Trailer

Crafting Traditional Flemish Strings

Crafting Traditional Wood Arrows

Gouthro's Moose Madness Trailer

"Javelina!" Bowhunting Trailer

Masters of the Barebow Trailer

Masters of the Barebow Vol. 2

Masters of the Barebow Vol. 2 Trailer b

Water Buffalo Point Blank

Noggle Stones

Masters of the Barebow Vol. 3

Sound of the String

Fred Eichler Easton Bowhunting TV

Atlatl Fever DVD Trailer

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