Wrist-Rocket Slingshot Ammo Item Number: 9938X
$6.99 - $16.99
Wrist-Rocket Slingshot Ammo

Wrist-Rocket Slingshot Ammo

Item Number: 9938X
$6.99 $6.99 - $16.99

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For the best shooting we recommend using only genuine Saunders slingshot ammo. Precision polished Steel balls. Available in 50 caliber (1/2" 100 shot), 38 caliber (3/8", 100 count) heavy shot for small game hunting, and the lighter 25 caliber (1/4", 334 count) size for plinking.

Warning: A slingshot is not a toy!
When used under adult supervision, slingshots are an excellent tool for teaching shooting responsibility. As with any weapon, never point toward a person or shoot up in the air, know where the ammo will land. Use ammo made for slingshots and always center it in the pouch. Regularly inspect power bands and pouch, replace if worn.

Please read and follow all safety warnings and instructions included with each slingshot. ALWAYS USE SAFETY GLASSES.