Traditional Bow Rack Item Number: 8508-01

$120.99 $99.99
Traditional Bow Rack

Traditional Bow Rack

Item Number: 8508-01
$120.99 $99.99

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A good longbow or recurve can become a true source of pride for an archer. Such a bow deserves a special way to store and display it.

This beautiful bow rack is crafted from African Mahogany. It measures 24" long, 7.5" tall and approximately 0.90 to 1" thick.

A detailed 3D image of a majestic buck is carved into the rack, reminding you that even though your bow looks great on display its true destiny awaits in the autumn woods. Deer tracks and the phrase "Traditional Bowhunting" are engraved into the wood, giving you even more inspiration come Fall.

The outside edges are routed to give an elegant appearance. Sanding is done one rack at a time, by hand, making sure a smooth surface is achieved without any un-needed swirl marks from sanding across the grain.

After the first coat of lacquer finish is applied, a dark brown glaze is used to fill in the low spots to highlight the engravings. A couple more good coats are applied afterwards to seal the rack and give it a great look.

The pegs are Mahogany dowels. They are cut to 4" in length and pressed/glued into the rack, making them roughly 3" long from the face of the rack. The tight fit prevents having any visible gap, as well. The pegs are at a slight angle, helping to make sure that equipment stays on the rack and doesn't easily slide off if bumped.

There are two metal hangers on the back that are rated at 20lbs per hook, and spaced 16" apart. There are 2 screws per hook, hand tightened to ensure a tight fit without damaging the wood of a perfect thread and ensuring a solid support foundation.

Give your bow the respect it deserves with this beautiful bow rack. Made in the USA.