Traditional Adventures DVD Item Number: 7546-1
Made in the US
Traditional Adventures DVD

Traditional Adventures DVD

Item Number: 7546-1
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Made in the US

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Traditional Adventures, from Bill Langer, is a traditional hunting DVD for the entire family. Plenty of action including; Maine moose, Florida hogs, Connecticut turkeys, whitetails and Wyoming mulies. Join the hunters in their many new, "Traditional Adventures." There's a shot on a moose in this DVD that you have to see to believe! Very good footage, well edited and presented. If you enjoy hunting videos that spotlight traditional gear, then you'll enjoy this one. 60 minutes Long.
  • Moose, hogs, turkeys, whitetails, and mule deer
  • Great for the entire family, plenty of action
  • 60 minutes long
If you've never seen a Bill Langer DVD give it a try. Bill, with family and friends, go on bowhunting adventures all over the World. Share in their success as well as their misses. Hunting, camaraderie, and laughter for the whole group. He's got a great down to earth style and invites you along for the recovery process too. Music by Jim Bowman.

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