Trading Post DAS Recurve Limbs Item Number: TP8165X

Trading Post DAS Recurve Limbs

Trading Post DAS Recurve Limbs

Item Number: TP8165X
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Most of these limbs are in perfect condition, with some in slightly used condition. They are older imported limbs with normal use and only cosmetic issues (if any). Non-returnable. No warranty. Limited supply. First come, first served. No backorders.

Increase the versatility of your Dalaa with our Camo Elite limbs. The Natural Gear camo pattern is film dipped on each set eliminating the need for camo bow socks. With one riser, you can have any bow weight you'd like. A light set for target and 3D shooting, a medium set for whitetail or cold weather hunting, and a heavy set for the largest of game.

Plus, our foam core limbs are resistant to temperature and humidity, unlike wood core limbs. Experience a new level of power and performance... with Dalaa Foam Core Limbs!

Features of Dalaa Foam Core Limbs:
  • Incredibly Smooth Draw
  • Consistent Performance
  • Reduced Stacking
  • Greater Speed
  • Stability
  • Resistant to Temperature & Humidity
  • Imported

    All of our limbs are interchangeable with any DAS Dalaa riser. Available in weights of 40#-60#.

    Limbs Only. Riser and string not included.

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