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TopHat® DURA Point

TopHat® DURA Point

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blank blank It's the Point that Protects! The TopHat® DURA Point covers the first ¼" of the shaft, protecting it from fracture.

The DURA Point is specially designed for 3D target shooting. This highly effective point enters straight into the target, meeting no resistance or diversion. This means less tension, and therefore more protection for the shaft. The special 3D shape also prevents rebound off the surface of the target. Similar to arrow points on wood arrows, the head diameter is broader than the carbon shaft. This causes expansion at the point of entry, making removal of arrows from targets noticeably easier.

The precision fine-pitch thread centers perfectly, leading to improved flight characteristics and pin-point accuracy.

Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the TopHat® DURA Point is resistant against weather and the elements. You can also regrind the point.

While the manufacturer does not recommend you shoot these points at concrete walls, they have stood up to such brutal punishment during trial periods, protecting carbon shafts from damage and fracture.

TopHat® DURA Points are specially designed to go with wood finish carbon shafts, giving your arrows the look of a traditional wood arrow.

Shaft Compatibility
DURA 3D Point Type 2: Beman MFX Classic 600, Axis Traditional 600, Full Metal Jacket 500 & 400, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.26" or 0.253"
DURA 3D Point Type 3: Beman MFX Classic 500, Axis Traditional 500, Full Metal Jacket 340, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.271" or 0.263"
DURA 3D Point Type 4: Beman MFX Classic 340, Bloodline 480 & 400, Centershot 600, Traditional Only 600, Axis Traditional 400 & 340, Full Metal Jacket 300, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.277", 0.274", 0.280", 0.276", 0.275", 0.270", 0.273", or 0.271"
DURA Bullet Point Type 5: Carbon Express Heritage 75, Bloodline 330, Centershot 500, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.288", 0.286", or 0.282"
DURA 3D Point Type 6: Carbon Express Heritage 90, Centershot 400, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.291" or 0.288"
DURA 3D Point Type 7: Traditional Only 400 & 500, Gold Tip Traditional 1535 & 3555, Gold Tip Hunter 3555, 7595, & 5575, Carbon Express Heritage 150, Centershot 340, Maxima 350, Gold Tip Falcon 35, Lightspeed 400 & 340, ICS 400, 340, & 300, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.301", 0.292", 0.300", 0.294", 0.295", 0.303", 0.302", 0.293", 0.296", 0.293", 0.299"
DURA 3D Point Type 8: Traditional Only 340, Gold Tip Traditional 5575, Gold Tip Hunter 300, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.300", 0.305", 0.301", or 0.307"
DURA 3D Point Type 9: Carbon Express Heritage 250, Traditional Only 300, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.306" or 0.307"
DURA 3D Point Type 10: Gold Tip Traditional 7595, and Carbon Express Heritage 350, or any shaft with a diameter of 0.311" or 0.312"

Sold in Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 7, Type 8, Type 9, and Type 10. Please specify. 85 grains. Sold by the 6 pack.

Please note: These Points MUST BE USED with the TopHat® DURA Inserts.

  • Covers the first ¼" of the shaft, protecting it
  • Specially designed for 3D target shooting
  • Less tension, easy removal from targets
  • Improved flight characteristics
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Designed for wood finish carbon shafts for a natural wood arrow look
  • Must be used with the TopHat® DURA Inserts

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