Tomahawk Bows® Legacy Series Riser Item Number: 3371X
Made in the US
Tomahawk Bows® Legacy Series Riser

Tomahawk Bows® Legacy Series Riser

Item Number: 3371X
$359.99 $359.99
Made in the US

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The Legacy Series Tomahawk is a reflection of the Tomahawk Bows' humble beginnings. Dale Karch apprenticed with many bowyers, but none had as much impact on his personal bows as Dick Boss of Boss Bows. This 3-piece takedown blends the Boss recurve and the Tomahawk longbow, creating a bow that's: Smooth, Elegant, and Dependable. Universal limb fitting allows for any Tomahawk 3-piece limbs to be used on the riser, without the need to have the limbs built specifically to the riser as is common with custom bows.

The three piece Tomahawk® Legacy riser features a core of Cocobolo Futurewood surrounded by Phenolic, with accent stripes for a look unlike any other. This riser features superior strength, and zero handshock. Overall length of 16" with 10.5" distance between limb bolt holes. Takedown attachment uses an Allen wrench limb bolt and single alignment pin for ease of setup and universal fitting of any other Tomahawk Legacy limb pair. Each shelf is radiused and cut approximately 1/8" past center with a black calf hair rest and plate installed. No grip material included to give the shooter the warm feeling of the wood handle.

Customize your Tomahawk Legacy Series Longbow with unique and functional Antler Limb Bolts (order 2" length). Requires the Limb Bolt Adapters also.

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