The Impossible Bow Item Number: 8793
Made in the US
The Impossible Bow

The Impossible Bow

Item Number: 8793
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Made in the US

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In your walls, beneath your floors, on the shelves of hardware stores throughout the country, there is an often overlooked material that's ideal for bow building. It's the common PVC Pipe, and with a little time and effort you can turn this humble object into a great bow that performs just as well as bows ten times the cost.

The Impossible Bow shows you the possibilities in PVC. With enough time and effort, this remarkable material can be transformed into a deadly hunting bow, or amazingly accurate target bow. For less than $10 and a days work, you can have a sturdy, quality bow that will stand up to regular use.

Packed with hundreds of photographs, illustrations, and diagrams. Paperback. 300 pages.