Take-Down Archery Item Number: 8794
Made in the US
Take-Down Archery

Take-Down Archery

Item Number: 8794
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Made in the US

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When it comes to archery, portable is preferable. Building your own Take-Down Bows, Take-Down Arrows, Bow Strings, and more is easier and less expensive than you think. Take-Down Archery shows you how to build you very own portable archery kit.

You'll learn how to build an effective take-down bow from common PVC Pipe. Such a bow will easily fit into your bag or pack, making it a perfect accessory for camping, hiking, and travel.

This book will teach you how to convert your regular arrows into break-down arrows perfect for travel.

You'll also learn how to build a fletching jig, bow strings, release aids, and arrow rests.

Filled with hundreds of useful black and white photographs, diagrams, and charts. Paperback. 197 pages.