Suede Possible Bag Item Number: 6853
Suede Possible Bag

Suede Possible Bag

Item Number: 6853
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When the mountain men and pioneers carved our great nation from the vast wilderness, many of them carried a bag just like this one. In these Possible Bags they carried black powder, lead balls, flint & steel, knives, cloth... every possible item they might have needed for hunting and survival.

Modern man has improved very little on that elegant, simple, and effective design. Today they're still used by bowhunters, archers, and sportsmen to carry gear, even as they carry a connection to the past. Possible Bags are perfect for carrying fletching covers, medic pack, wind detector, extra bow string, extra points, flint & steel, hunting knives, hunting license, binoculars, flashlights... just about anything you might need out on the range or in the woods.

This Possible Bag measures 8" wide x 8½" high. Made of suede, it has plenty of room for necessities and accessories, and features shoulder straps sewn to the back. Color may vary.
  • Made of Suede
  • Authentic traditional design
  • Plenty of room to carry hunting gear
  • 8" wide x 8½" high
  • Color may vary
  • Made in the USA