STOS Classic Series 2-Blade Glue-On Broadheads Item Number: 5761X
Made in the US
STOS Classic Series 2-Blade Glue-On Broadheads

STOS Classic Series 2-Blade Glue-On Broadheads

Item Number: 5761X
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Made in the US

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They say you can't improve on the original. But the STOS Classic Series takes everything that made the original STOS Broadhead great and adds a touch of high-tech toughness!

The STOS Classic is the Original STOS broadhead, but with a new extremely slick and durable Ceramic coating. This coating is more abrasion resistant and slicker than the STOS Original Series, and it is more heat resistant as well. It is used in many industrial applications, where abrasion resistance and reduction in friction are a priority.

Although the STOS Original Series broadheads already penetrate extremely well, the STOS Classic broadheads push that envelope even further. That's why STOS calls them "the slickest broadhead on earth".

The STOS is a cut-on-contact broadhead with an extremely strong, triple thick tip designed for incredible penetration and toughness. The straight edges have a slightly better penetration advantage over convex blades. Rockwell hardness is 49-51 providing an optimum combination of edge holding ability, sharpening ease, and toughness.

Arrow Flight
A broadhead that "wind planes" or flies differently from field points makes hunting, shooting, and practicing difficult. The STOS Classic, with properly tuned arrows and helical feathers typically flies extremely well (like field points).

Broadhead sharpness is one of the most important issues when it comes to killing an animal. Sharpening is rapidly becoming a lost art, but the STOS Classic is easy to sharpen and re-sharpen. Dull broadheads tend to push tissue out of the way instead of cutting it, leading to partially severed arteries and veins. This means less hemorrhage and possibly a longer time to recovery your game animal. The STOS comes with a 25° precise grind, a Rockwell hardness of 49-51 and the ability to be easily sharpened to a razor's edge with a variety of methods.

A broadhead must be tough enough to penetrate bone without deformation and continue to lethally penetrate the animal. The STOS accomplishes this with a triple thick, tough blade and a diamond tip to prevent curling. As a result it handles even the heaviest bone with ease.

Without adequate penetration, even a properly placed arrow with a sharp broadhead can be inadequate. The superior penetrating ability of the STOS Classic is due to the STOS's length to width ratio, which provides outstanding mechanical advantage. The STOS Classic stays tough when encountering bone, which also aids in penetration. That's why STOS stands behind the Classic as one of the best penetrating broadheads available today.

The ferrule is 11/32" in diameter and fits on a 5° point taper. Measures 2½" long by 1-1/8" cutting width. Sold by the 6-pack.

Available in 130, 145, and 160 grains. Please specify.