RPM Synergy TI-20 Bowfishing Reel Item Number: 1609
Made in the US
RPM Synergy TI-20 Bowfishing Reel

RPM Synergy TI-20 Bowfishing Reel

Item Number: 1609
$45.99 $45.99
Made in the US

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Your bowfishing gear needs to be real tough. So, let's start with a tough reel! The Synergy TI-20 Bowfishing Reel from RPM Bowfishing is a rugged reel that works as hard as you do to land that big fish!

Popular among bowfishers nationwide, the Synergy TI-20 comes ready to use out of the box. Features titanium line guides, twin ball bearings, strong multi-disk drag system, and an EZ-Grip handle.

The Synergy TI-20 is pre-spooled with 125 feet of 200 lb Monkey Wire. Monkey Wire is abrasion resistant, and it's made from the same material that goes into creating bulletproof vests. Plus, with its small diameter, you'll get 50% more line on your reel than with other bowfishing lines.

This is a great reel, tough enough for all levels of bowfishers, from Beginner to Hardcore!

Fits right or left handed. Requires a reel seat. We recommend the RPM Vise Reel Seat.