RPM Hazard Bowfishing Arrow Shaft Item Number: 1601
Made in the US
RPM Hazard Bowfishing Arrow Shaft

RPM Hazard Bowfishing Arrow Shaft

Item Number: 1601
$12.75 $12.75
Made in the US

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Strength is a must when you're on the water busting scales. The Hazard Bowfishing Shaft gives you that extra tough, hard-hitting punch.

RPM Bowfishing built the Hazard to be incredibly STRONG and extra stiff for all levels of bowfishing, from shallow to deep water, and even rocky surfaces. The five carbon fiber strands wrapped with an outer sleeve of fiberglass gives the Hazard strength and stiffness while decreasing spine deflection. The Hazard also features tighter straightness tolerances than other bowfishing arrow shafts.

Gray shaft with black wrap. Spines .240" deflection (carbon/aluminum arrow charts), measures approximately 32" long, 5/16" diameter, and weighs 1,200 grains.

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