Qarbon Nano® QN2 Longbow Item Number: 1000
$999.99 $999.99
Qarbon Nano® QN2 Longbow

Qarbon Nano® QN2 Longbow

Item Number: 1000
$999.99 $999.99

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New Updated Design!

The Qarbon Nano QN2, with its foam core carbon limbs and carbon riser, is one of the lightest longbows on the market. As any veteran bowhunter knows, when you're packing your gear for a long trek to the treestand or deer camp, shaving ounces off your load is crucial.

When Ed and Garret Schlief of Alaska Bowhunting Supply set out to acquire a longbow for their product line-up, they had a bow in mind, that could cast the company's heavy GrizzlyStik hunting arrows at a respectable speed.  Ed and Garret contacted Rae Park from Win&Win Archery, a company that is successfully building tournament winning, high performance bows. After some R&D work it became apparent, that the design needed some changes to use the high tech materials and manufacturing processes to full capacity and to make the bow more pleasing to the eye. At this time Jim Belcher got involved. He redesigned the riser and shared ideas on limb design changes. The end result is a take-down longbow with a carbon riser and carbon/foam limbs, that are pretty much identical in materials to the time proven and tournament winning Win&Win recurve limbs.   The entire Qarbon Nano QN2 longbow weighs in at just two pounds. The carbon riser is rock solid for no flexing, and absorbs any shock and vibration like a sponge. No need for after market vibration dampeners on this bow.

Riser Length: The riser length is 14-3/8 inches, measured from end to end.

Make and Material: The Qarbon Nano riser is "baked" in a mold, using Royal Cross Carbon, U/D Carbon and epoxy as the main ingredients. The result is a very strong and rigid riser at a low physical weight. The manufacturing process and the materials that were used, enabled a generous center cut without the bulk of material that is normally mandatory to keep the structural strength, when cutting this far past center. Two threaded bushings for a button or a rest lets you decide if you want to shoot off the radiused shelf or use an elevated arrow rest. The elevated rest in conjunction with the deep center cut also enables the use of stiffer, high profile plastic fletching to steer the broadheads, when it's raining on your hunt. The replaceable grip is nicely shaped and helps in maintaining a repeatable position of the bow hand for enhanced accuracy.

Shape: Reflexed Brace Height recommended is 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 inches.

Grip: Replaceable low pistol type grip, that is mounted to the riser with two bolts.

Center Cut: Cut to 7/16 of an inch past center

Sight Window: The height of the sight window measures 2-13/16 inches. The riser also features two plunger holes - one for shooting off the shelf, and one for shooting from an elevated rest. Comes with an adjustable plunger for off the shelf shooting.

Distance from pivot Point to shelf: 1-1/8 inches (from deepest part of grip to shelf surface)

Physical weight: 18.6 oz (riser including limb bolts and limbs)  limbs are 11.2 oz for a 62” set by themselves.

Take-Down System: A threaded steel bushing, that is solidly anchored inside the carbon material on each end of the riser and steel limb bolts, equipped with black anodized aluminum bezels and black synthetic washers, are used to mount the limbs to the riser. Two steel pins at each riser end, that fit into two blind holes in the limb butt provide positive and secure limb alignment. Finish: The riser is for the most part covered in a matte black color, while the radiused, recessed areas on both ends are left unpainted to show their original carbon weave surface for an enhanced optical appearance of the bow. The riser is then completely coated with a clear matte epoxy finish.

Limbs and Materials:   The cross carbon limb technology produce a limb with a carbon fabric exclusively produced by WIN&WIN reinforces limbs against twisting and raises their elastic modulus. That means the limbs are stiffer, more stable and produce higher arrow speeds.  The top limb is pointed and the lower limb is squared off, making assembly and stringing easier. Made from Win & Win's own foam core material with proprietary woven carbon, nano-technology carbon resin, facing and backing.  These carbon laminations are manufactured from Royal Cross carbon and woven 45 degrees carbon, using a proprietary carbon nanotube technology process. Limb wedges and reinforcement plates in the mounting section of the limbs are cut and ground from black micarta. Woven carbon is used for the limb tip overlays to enable the use of modern low stretch string materials. The carbon weave surface of the outer limb laminations, that can be seen through the clear, glossy limb finish and the gray foam core laminations make for a sophisticated "High-Tech" looking appearance of the  QN2 longbow.

Limb width: The limbs are 1-3/16 inches wide at the fade-outs and narrow down to ten sixteenth of an inch below the string groove.

String: High performance string material compliant. Comes with the Lazer Traditional HP Longbow Bow String. Made of 16 strands in 2-bundles of green and bronze Astro Flight string material. The end loops are black D1 serving and are center served with green crown serving. Do not use Seal tite string wax on these bow strings.

Case:  Limbs and riser come in individual padded Cordura sleeves for the ultimate protection.

Includes:  assembly tools, shorty plunger with instructions and a Lifetime Warranty!

Available in Right or Left Handed in 62", 64", or 66". Bow weights of 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, 60#, 65#, or 70#. Please specify.