Primitive Stone Knife Item Number: 6610
Made in the US
Primitive Stone Knife

Primitive Stone Knife

Item Number: 6610
$88.95 $88.95
Made in the US

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These high quality stone knives are relics from a time when tools weren't bought at the hardware store... They were crafted by hand from stone, bone, and sinew.

Danny Roush has studied the art of flintknapping for years, learning from such masters as Dave Waldorf, Jim Spears, and Woody Blackwell. With that priceless knowledge he has crafted these excellent stones knives. Using materials such as flint, antler, deer bone, sinew, and other natural items, Danny has reached back into our distant past to honor and emulate our Stone Age ancestors.

Each knife is unique, coming with a signed, dated, and numbered certificate describing what materials were used. All knives are usable, durable, and made with quality materials. Sold by the each.
  • Each Knife is Unique, No two alike
  • Comes with Signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Handcrafted by Master Flintknapper Danny Roush
  • Durable, Usable Knives