Predator™ Hunter DX Limbs Item Number: 2001X
Made in the US
Predatorâ„¢ Hunter DX Limbs

Predator™ Hunter DX Limbs

Item Number: 2001X
$399.99 $399.99
Made in the US

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Predator limbs are smooth drawing, energy efficient and deliver stability and performance which have no equal. Solid maple cores help minimize stacking while reinforced limb tips withstand the additional stresses caused by modern string materials. Every set of limbs comes with a DynaFlight97 Flemish twist bow string. Recommended Brace Height: 7¼" to 7¾". Featuring the P.L.F. limb attachment, any set of these Predator limbs will fit on a Predator riser that was built since 1996.

Hunter DX series limbs: Core lamination of Maple with black fiberglass back and belly. Charcoal Futurewood base.

Available in finished bow AMO lengths 60" or 62" in bow weights of 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, or 60#. Please specify.

  • Smooth Drawing, Energy Efficient
  • Solid Maple Core
  • Reinforced Limb Tips
  • DynaFlight97 Flemish Twist Bowstring
  • P.L.F. Limb Attachment