Predator™ Custom Riser Item Number: 2005X
Predatorâ„¢ Custom Riser

Predator™ Custom Riser

Item Number: 2005X
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Designed and crafted by master bowyer, Ron Pittsley, Predator Bows have been one of the most sought after custom bows within traditional archery's most elite inner circles.

The Custom combines hardwoods and composites with attention to every detail to create a distinct look with unmatched performance and durability. The results are a beautifully, richly, and timelessly designed bow that can be handed down through generations. Make no mistake, they are serious hunting tools, built tough to hunt hard.

Every riser comes with limb mounting hardware and a bow stringer. Recommended Brace Height: 7¼" to 7¾".

Custom series riser: A look from the past with ergonomics and performance for the future. Constructed from Rosewood and Charcoal Futurewood with an accent stripe. Tapped with 1/4" x 20 quiver inserts. Features a self locating, medium wrist pistol style grip and a low arrow shelf for "shoot where you look" accuracy. As with all Predator takedown risers; limbs are interchangeable for all limbs built after 1996. Includes rug arrow rest and plate.

Risers are available in right or left hand. Please specify.

  • Constructed of Futurewood
  • Comes with Limb Mounting Hardware and Bow Stringer
  • Tapped with ¼" x 20 Quiver Inserts
  • Features Self Locating, Medium Wrist Pistol Style Grip
  • Low Arrow Shelf
  • Limbs are Interchangeable with all Limbs Built After 1996
  • Includes Rug Arrow Rest and Plate