Predator Pro Foam Core Limbs Item Number: 2012X
Made in the US
Predator Pro Foam Core Limbs

Predator Pro Foam Core Limbs

Item Number: 2012X
$544.99 $549.99
Made in the US

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Enjoy the smooth draw, fast speeds, and stability of foam core limbs on your Predator Bow!

These new Foam Core Limbs use a single alignment pin and bolt attachment method that allows universal fitting on any Predator Bow riser. Comes with a D97 Bow String. Available in limb lengths of 60" and 62" in draw weights of 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, or 60# (rated at a 28" draw length).

Foam Core Limbs offer smooth drawing, fast speeds, stability, and solid performance. Weather conditions have zero effect on limb performance. Stabil-Kore™ is a light weight core material which gives bow limbs lateral and torsion rigidity. Stabil-Kore™ is a proprietary composite that can be used as an alternative to carbon to increase efficiency and add multi-directional attributes, reinforce limbs, increasing cast, and eliminating nearly all lateral twisting for better in-line recovery and more energy down range.