Muddy Safeguard™ Treestand Harness Item Number: 5521X
Muddy Safeguard™ Treestand Harness

Muddy Safeguard™ Treestand Harness

Item Number: 5521X
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The lightest harness on the market weighing 1.9 pounds. This tangle free safety harness comes with everything you need to climb and hunt safely. Super-silent, rubber coated parachute buckles give you a rock solid connection. The cam buckles are infinitely adjustable and simply lock without any noise. Cinch strap adjustments on the vertical chest straps, and waist belt ensure a perfect fit.

Integrated binocular straps are provided so there is no need to buy or carry anything else to the tree. Includes Lineman's Rope and tree strap. TMA certified.

Available in sizing of Small/Medium (up to 5' 10" tall, waist 34", weight 250lbs), Large (up to 6' 3" tall, waist 40", weight 300 lbs), and XLarge (up to 6' 7" tall, waist 44", weight 300 lbs). Please specify.