Medieval War Bow English Longbow Item Number: 8550-1
Medieval War Bow English Longbow

Medieval War Bow English Longbow

Item Number: 8550-1
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Medieval war bows are remembered throughout history as the bows that conquered nations. These bows are a good representation of the old English longbow. The lightweight 30-35# @ 28" model is designed for renaissance faires or light shooting. Each is crafted from solid red oak backed with linen, a material that was common in Medieval times. The grip is made of jute. Bow string and bow stringer included. Measures approximately 72" long. Do not draw past 28".

The Medieval War Bow English Longbow meets the English standard of 8 to 5 as established by The English Longbow Society.

Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2½ pounds for every inch from a bow's rated draw length. So a bow rated 35# @ 28" bow is roughly a 32½# @ 27" or 37½# @ 29". Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#'s under and 3#'s over). This is an industry wide standard.

A bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer, or stringing it backwards will void a bow's warranty. It is recommended to unstring your primitive bow when you are done shooting, and only string it right before shooting. Store your bow on its side, or hanging vertically from a peg. Never rest the bow on the lower tip for extended periods of time. Never dry fire the bow (shooting without an arrow).