Martin Panther 62" Takedown Recurve Bow Item Number: 2325X
Martin Panther 62" Takedown Recurve Bow

Martin Panther 62" Takedown Recurve Bow

Item Number: 2325X
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By popular demand, Martin Archery has created a bridged riser take-down recurve. The Panther's 20" machined bridge riser makes it one of the smoothest, fastest recurves on the market.

The patented Vibration Vortex VEMs (Vibration Escape Module) make this the most balanced bow you will ever feel. The Vibraiton Escape module is made from shock absorbing Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound. It will absorb shock and decrease vibration.

Riser: The Panther is drilled and tapped for mounting a quiver and sights for dead on accuracy. Features Martin's patented Vibration Escape System Arrow Shelf to prevent noise and dampen vibration.

Limbs: The laminated wood core and black fiberglass limbs create a smooth draw. The Take-Down limbs make it easy to transport on long trips, or pack up to head into the back country.

String: 14 strand #382 Dacron, 62" AMO.

Nirk Stringer included.

Available in Black, Right Hand only.

    Bow Specs
  • Draw Weight:  30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#
  • Brace Height:  7"
  • Mass Weight:  2.7 lbs.
  • AMO Length:  62"

  • VEM Arrow Shelf Specs
  • Prevents noise when arrow touches shelf
  • Raised to help prevent arrow from falling
  • Warm to the touch on cold mornings
  • Dampens vibration
  • Made from Omega V dampening material
  • Sleek integrated design
  • Part of the complete Vibration Escape System


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