Making Bows with Children Item Number: 7836
$34.99 $24.99
Making Bows with Children

Making Bows with Children

Item Number: 7836
$34.99 $24.99

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Introducing young people to the great sport of archery is a special gift... for the children and for you! Making Bows with Children is the perfect book to ignite the archery fire in the next generation of bowyers.

Simple yet precise directions are reinforced by detailed illustrations and photographs, taking you step-by-step through the process. You and your kids will learn how to build two different kinds of bows, as well as arrows, Bow Strings, and quivers. You'll learn beginning bowyer skills with the "Bent Stick" model, as well as the "Holmegaard", a Stone Age bow.

Great for schools, youth groups, Scouts, or at home. All materials needed can be found right here at 3Rivers Archery.

Also features a brief history of archery and bow building. An excellent gift for your young archers, and a great do-it-yourself project for families and friends.

Size: 11" x 8-½". Features 265 photos & drawings. Hardcover. 192 pages.