Leather O-Ring Shooting Tab Item Number: 6145X
Made in the US
Leather O-Ring Shooting Tab

Leather O-Ring Shooting Tab

Item Number: 6145X
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Made in the US

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Handcrafted by Scott Teaschner of Wyoming Wildlife Artistry, these split-finger hunting tabs are made from premium shell Cordovan leather and feature a comfortable fitting rubber O-ring.

The O-ring is attached by a small snap that allows you to conveniently change out the ring. That way, late season when you are wearing gloves, just switch out the O-ring to a larger size. The O-ring also allows you flip the tab to the top of your hand so it's out of the way when you're doing activities such as glassing or climbing your treestand.

Available in Medium, Large, and X-Large in Right or Left Hand. Please specify.

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