Journey with the Whitetail Item Number: 7926
$24.99 $12.99
Journey with the Whitetail

Journey with the Whitetail

Item Number: 7926
$24.99 $12.99

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The secret world of the whitetail deer is revealed in this stunning and vibrant coffee table book. Packed with beautiful full color photos, this 10" x 8" hardcover book also includes a 36 minute bonus DVD.

You'll experience the dynamic power of bucks battling during the rut, as well as more tender scenes of newborn fawns. Season by season, you'll get an inside glimpse into the world of the whitetail deer.

A true treasure for any den or living room, this book provides inspiration, information, and enlightenment on one of North America's most popular species.

Length of the DVD is 36 minutes long. Packed with color photos. Hardcover. 144 pages.
  • 36 minute DVD
  • Color photos
  • Explore the secret world of Whitetails
  • 10 x 8 inches
  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages