G. Fred Asbell's GFA Side Quiver Item Number: 6207
Made in the US
G. Fred Asbell's GFA Side Quiver

G. Fred Asbell's GFA Side Quiver

Item Number: 6207
$59.99 $59.99
Made in the US

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Click on the image to see a few of the many ways this quiver can be worn. Offering almost limitless amount of adjustability from the quick-adjust nylon shoulder strap, to the gripper-to-hood length, to gripper sizes. The GFA side quiver is adjustable to fit your needs.

If you hunt with a backpack, no problem, the GFA quiver rides nicely on your side. Rig it high under your arm or low on your hip. Wear it at any angle you choose. Try one and we think you'll find the GFA side quiver will become your favorite hunting quiver.

Weighs approximately 11 ounces. The GFA quiver holds up to seven arrows of 11/32" and up (Will not fit carbons, the small replacement gripper is needed for carbons.), is adjustable for any arrow length, and utilizes a quick-adjust nylon shoulder strap. The protective hood is durable plastic to shield you from your broadheads and wrapped in a neutral gray wool to keep things quiet. Features the embroidered "GFA" logo. Arrows not included.
  • G. Fred Asbell endorsed
  • Quick-adjust Nylon strap
  • Holds up to 7 arrows
  • Adjusts to any length arrow
  • Wool covered hood
  • Adjust to suit your needs
  • Lightweight 11 ounces
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