G. Fred Asbell Master Collection of Books and DVD Item Number: 7862-3
Made in the US
G. Fred Asbell Master Collection of Books and DVD

G. Fred Asbell Master Collection of Books and DVD

Item Number: 7862-3
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Made in the US

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Save money when you buy the set! G. Fred Asbell is one of the most respected and accomplished ground hunters of modern times. For 40 years he has been sharing his expert insights and shooting techniques with bowhunters and archers worldwide. Now, 3Rivers Archery is offering all of Mr. Asbell's books and DVD's in one money-saving Master Collection.

If you've ever wanted to develop your own form and style, Fred Asbell is the perfect teacher for you. His techniques are flexible, allowing for any archer to adapt and evolve his or her own style. Each book and DVD provides insights and secrets from the master himself.

Advanced Instinctive Shooting for Bowhunting - The Rest of the Story (book)
Here are the step-by-step details for consistent shooting... and not just in the backyard or on the 3D range, but in the woods, where control and confidence come to the forefront and are really put to the test. You have the ability in you and it's all right here. You are in control of how good you can become. It's up to you. 192 Pages. Paperback. Packed with full color photographs.

Instinctive Shooting Volume 1 (book)
G. Fred Asbell started bowhunting in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Then in the late '80's, to answer a growing need in the traditional archery community, he wrote this book, and it's still going strong! Well written, well illustrated, and full of traditional archery basics. Includes: Crafting your own wooden arrows, a question and answer section, and a selection of G. Fred's exciting hunting stories. A good choice for any traditional bow enthusiast and the novice archery shooter as well.

Instinctive Shooting Volume 2 (book)
G. Fred Asbell is a traditional archery guru with both longbows and recurves. In this book Asbell takes you on a journey, a journey leading you to become the best traditional archery shooter you can be. Every nuance of the shot sequence is covered in the easy to understand style that has made G. Fred Asbell so popular among traditional bowhunters everywhere. Entire chapters are dedicated to dissecting and describing each step in the shot process. Learn the basic elements described in this book, implement them, and you'll become the accurate shooter you've always wanted to be. 153 pages. Paperback. Generously illustrated.

Instinctive Shooting DVD
The companion DVD to Fred's popular book, Instinctive Shooting Volume 2. This is the most comprehensive step-by-step instructional "how to shoot traditional bows and arrows" DVD ever produced! Learn while you watch! Fred Asbell is recognized as one of the top authorities of traditional archery, and in this DVD he covers every aspect of shooting longbows and recurves. You'll see proper stance, hand placement, shoulder position, finger position, drawing, anchor, release, and aiming. Learn from the experts as they share their instinctive shooting insights.

Stalking and Still-Hunting - The Ground Hunter's Bible (book)
G. Fred Asbell has been hunting with longbows and recurves since the late 1950's and early 1960's. In his classic book Asbell shares his secrets for ground hunting success. The sub-title says it all, The Ground Hunter's Bible. Written with that insight and personal flair seen in all of Asbell's books, you'll enjoy page after page of ground hunting tactics by one of traditional archery's most respected mentors. You'll even find chapters devoted to footwear and clothing. Traditional bowhunting is a challenge. Traditional bowhunting on the ground is the ultimate! Let Fred Asbell share more than 40 years of his bowhunting experiences with you, and then, go for it! 185 pages. Paperback.

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