Double Eagle Wrist-Rocket Slingshot Item Number: 9936
$24.99 $15.99
Made in the US
Double Eagle Wrist-Rocket Slingshot

Double Eagle Wrist-Rocket Slingshot

Item Number: 9936
$24.99 $15.99
Made in the US

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The folding Double Eagle slingshot is the perfect size for stuffing in your fanny pack. It's loaded with many of the same advanced technologies as our top of the line Wrist-Rocket Pro including; the lightweight posi-center pouch and a patented twin flat-band propulsion system. These amazing flat bands significantly outperform all tubular bands and even replace in seconds without tools. The "shoot over" design increases accuracy and power while minimizing shock.

How many times have you shot (and lost) arrows at grouse, squirrels, or other small game? Those days are gone! Carry a Double Eagle slingshot and some ammo with you whenever you're in the field and you'll always be ready for action. These slingshots are proven deadly on all small game.

If you're looking for a compact slingshot for target shooting or hunting, give the Double Eagle with its powerful flat-band system a try.
  • Convenient folding design
  • Patented dual band system
  • Superior flat band performance
  • Excellent hunting slingshot
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Warning: A slingshot is not a toy!
When used under adult supervision, slingshots are an excellent tool for teaching shooting responsibility. As with any weapon, never point toward a person or shoot up in the air, know where the ammo will land. Use ammo made for slingshots and always center it in the pouch. Regularly inspect power bands and pouch, replace if worn.

Please read and follow all safety warnings and instructions included with each slingshot. ALWAYS USE SAFETY GLASSES.