Carbon Express Heritage® Carbon Shafts Item Number: 6732X
$85.99 $69.99
Carbon Express Heritage® Carbon Shafts

Carbon Express Heritage® Carbon Shafts

Item Number: 6732X
$85.99 $69.99

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Carbon Express Heritage® Carbon Shafts are designed for the traditional bowhunter who wants the best of carbon arrow performance and toughness in an arrow that looks like natural wood. The Heritage carbon shafting features the world's toughest, quietest BuffTuff® construction to really take some abuse. TCX nocks (color varies per dozen) are installed and aluminum inserts included.

  • Traditional Look, Higher Standards
  • Patented BuffTuff® Construction - The world"s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish
  • All internal components - TCX nocks installed, inserts included
Carbon Express Heritage® Carbon Shafting Specifics
Model (Spine) Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point
75 (.670") 9/32" 8.69 30 ¼" 11gr TCX 2 -- --
90 (.588") 9/32" 9.71 30 ¼" 11gr TCX 2 B B
150 (.495") 5/16" 10.11 32 ¾" 11gr TCX D D
250 (.391") 5/16" 10.20 32 ¾" 11gr TCX N N
350 (.324") 5/16" 11.45 32 ¾" 11gr TCX -- --
Straightness  ±.005"        Weight  ±2gr

Please Note:
The 90s and 75s are a different diameter size than the 150s, 250s and 350s. Brass inserts that 3Rivers offers currently Do Not fit, and neither do any of the sizes of 3Rivers weight tubes for the spines 90 and 75.

Services Available
Cut Shafts to Length:  Have your carbon shafts cut to length. The length is measured from the valley of the nock to the back of the point. Minimum length is 27½".

Install Inserts:  Choose this option to have our experts install your Point Inserts in your shafts. Please Note: If you select this service without selecting the "Cut to Length" service, your shafts will be cut to the stock length (as specified in the chart above). Please Note: We use epoxy style adhesives on all inserts and most points. Once they are installed, they are permanent.

If you prefer to customize your shaft with additional options, please use our Arrow Whiz

See Printable Shaft Selection Chart PDF