Bohning ArroWraps Item Number: 7981X
$13.50 - $18.50
Bohning ArroWraps

Bohning ArroWraps

Item Number: 7981X
$13.50 - $18.50

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Bohning ArroWraps are made just like our Cap Arrow Wraps but with more style. They give you an instant cap dip on your custom carbon arrows! No paint, no fumes, and no waiting! Just peel off the protective backing and wrap around shaft. Bohning ArroWraps not only make your arrows look good, they make it easier to fletch and allow for easy re-fletching. Bohning logo is on all ArroWraps.

Use any fletching cement with confidence (EXCEPT Duco or Nitrocellulose), but Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum recommended. Arrow Cap Wraps are 7" long and wide enough to fit on a 5/16" carbon arrow (actual size is 19/64" so no 20XX aluminum shafts).

Choose from Birch, Yellow Airbrush, Orange Airbrush, Green Airbrush, Flame Red, Flame Blue, Flame Neon Yellow, Flame Green, Flame Pink, Copperhead, Diamondback, and Canebrake. Please specify. Packaged 13 wraps per package (see it as 1 Free).

  • Installation Tip: Roll on a soft mouse pad to install.
  • CAUTION: Do not use alcohol stain under these wraps. The adhesive can pull color through the wrap.
  • Removal Tip: Boil water and hold your cap wrapped part of the arrow in the steam. This loosens the adhesive hold and makes it easier to peel off.

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