BARK Silencer® Item Number: 4545X
Made in the US
BARK Silencer®

BARK Silencer®

Item Number: 4545X
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Made in the US

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The BARK Silencer® is designed to keep any hunter quieter on stand. The noise a hunter's clothing makes against tree bark can be equivalent to a hunter stepping on a stick (20-30 decibels). Less noise while hunting will increase your chances of bagging your game.

Made of two of the quietest materials known to man, Fleece and Microfleece. Features two integrated gear hanging belts. No UV brighteners used and camo pattern to keep the BARK Silencer® hidden from sight. Durable enough to leave out with your treestand all season long.

Available in Small (measures 24" long x 20" wide) and Large (measures 40" long x 20" wide). Please specify.

  • Keep any treestand hunter quieter on stand
  • Two integrated gear hanging belts
  • Handcrafted in the USA, and are quality built
  • No UV brighteners used in production
  • Keeps you quieter before, during and after every shot!