AMS Mayhem™ Bowfishing Point Item Number: 3022

AMS Mayhem™ Bowfishing Point

AMS Mayhem™ Bowfishing Point

Item Number: 3022
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Easy fish removal without touching the fish. Unlike other bowfishing points that you have to push through the fish to reverse the barbs, the AMS Mayhem™ can be twisted three turns while still in the fish, and when you pull on the arrow the barbs will slide for easy fish removal. Tighten back up and keep shooting, it's that simple! The stainless Steel barbs lay flat for better penetration, then open to 2½" of holding power.

The replaceable Cyclone™ tip is spiraled for better penetration and strength. For all fish types and deeper water. Mount to a 5/16" diameter fish arrow. Sold by the each.

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