AMS Mayhem™ Bowfishing Arrow Item Number: 1021
Made in the US
AMS Mayhem™ Bowfishing Arrow

AMS Mayhem™ Bowfishing Arrow

Item Number: 1021
$17.99 $17.99
Made in the US

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The heavy, pre-drilled solid fiberglass fish arrow comes mounted with the AMS Mayhem™ point, AMS safety slide, and glue-on nock installed. All you do is attach your bowfishing line and you're ready.

The AMS Mayhem™ point has reversible barbs that lock your fish onto the arrow until you get it landed. Then, with three quick turns, the barbs reverse allowing the fish to slide off without having to touch it. Screw the point back, and you're ready for another shot. When the bowfishing action is fast and furious, this kind of reversible barb head is the ticket. Also features the replaceable Cyclone™ tip that is spiraled for better penetration and strength.

This arrow is great for all kinds of fish, and is especially effective in deeper water.

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