Advanced Game Processing Library DVD Set Item Number: 6543-06
$51.95 $41.95
Advanced Game Processing Library DVD Set

Advanced Game Processing Library DVD Set

Item Number: 6543-06
$51.95 $41.95

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9 Hours of processing knowledge on 4 DVDs! The greatest compilation of expert knowledge ever offered to the home processor. Features Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Outdoor Edge Wild Game Processing DVDs, plus a bonus 2 hour hunting adventure. Each volume is produced by Brad Lockwood, multiple state and national award winning meat processor, as well as the host of Outdoor Edge's Love of the Hunt TV show.

Volume 1: Deer and Big Game Processing
A great resource for beginners and seasoned home processors. This DVD is the most informative step-by-step wild game processing video available. Learn all of Brad's advanced tips and techniques as he instructs how to properly field dress, prepare a taxidermy cape, skin, quarter, section, and define primary muscle groups. Brad further explains the table cuts available from each primary muscle, basic sausage processing, grinding and packaging.

Volume 2: Quarter and De-Bone Big Game in the Field
Expert processor, Brad Lockwood, instructs you in the step-by-step methods of quartering and de-boning an elk in the field. You'll learn all the techniques for keeping your animal clean while removing every pound of precious meat from the carcass. This is essential information to minimize carry weight and maximize total yield by cutting and packing out only the edible meat portions.

Volume 3: Advanced Sausage Processing
Learn recipes and processes for making a variety of smoked and fresh sausage, including kielbasa, ring bologna, summer sausage, breakfast links, snack sticks, and more. Includes advanced grinding principles that give an understanding of how salts, sugars, binders, preservatives, and spices interact with meat proteins to flavor smoked and fresh sausage. Learn and understand the operation of home smokers and how relative humidity, surface moisture, heat, and final internal temperatures affect the quality of your smoked meats. Never before has so much professional wild game processing information been revealed to the home processor!

Volume 4: Advanced Jerky Processing
Learn how to make every hunter's favorite wild game snack! This DVD shows you step-by-step how to make a variety of delicious jerky products. You'll learn how to completely de-bone a whitetail deer and select which primary muscles are best suited for whole muscle jerky, restructured, sectioned, and formed, jerky nuggets, smoked jerky, and African Biltong. Plus, learn advanced smokehouse techniques never before revealed to the home processor. Brad Lockwood also provides in-depth explanations of how surface moisture, relative humidity, and water activity effect smoked jerky. The knowledge shared in this video will have you making delicious wild game jerky like a pro!

Bonus Disc: Hunting the Outdoors - 2nd Edition 2011
A two hour video adventure with all new archery and rifle hunts for Whitetails, Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Moose, and more. Features wild game recipes and tips to make field dressing and home processing easier.
  • The greatest compilation of expert processing information ever offered
  • Features volumes 1-4 of the Advanced Wild Game Processing series
  • NINE hours of knowledge
  • Includes bonus 2 hour DVD, with hunts from across North America and Africa